2018 Edition
  • Appeals
  • Ball Rotation
  • Bats  (Legal / Illegal)
  • Batter / Pitcher Timing
  • Batting Out of Order
  • Blocked Ball
  • Checked Swing
  • Courtesy Runners
  • Spectator Interference
  • The Strike Zone
  • Line-Up Cards

  • Chalk Lines
  • Game Limits
  • Glove Requirements
  • Helmet Requirements
  • Illegal Pitching
  • Interference
  • Look Back Restrictions
  • Obstruction
  • Substitutions
  • DP / Flex
  • + Many More ....

Sample Topics Covered

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Beyond the Rules  | Best of 60 Seconds on Officiating

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While the Blue Book 60 does not replace the actual rule books --- it provides an easy to understand explanation of the key rule sets from scholastic (NFHS), collegiate (NCAA) and amateur (USA Softball / USSSA) codes.

This is a "must" read for every umpire and coach at any level.